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Can You Have A Dog If You Have Mobility Issues

Posted by Steve Whitney on

Pexels - CC0 License

There’s a reason why dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world, not only are they often quite loyal, but loving, affectionate, and often unconditional with their companionship. That said, it’s not just about selecting what pet is right for us, but if we’re right for our pet. Sometimes, the most mature decision you can make is deciding that you don’t have the functional capabilities to look after a small animal, be that because you live in a small apartment in the city with little nature around, or if you and your partner work long hours, and would have to leave your pet at home for long hours.

That said, not all life situations are this cut and dry. For instance, you may really wish for a dog, but if you have mobility issues, then that could be a difficult ask. Sure, perhaps a cat might be ideal in this situation given how independent they are, but what if you have your heart set on a little puppy? Well of course, it will depend on the extent of your mobility issues, but it’s not our place to speculate your situation or capabilities.

What we can do, however, is suggest some measures that may help you plan for the right dog, and make this more possible. Without further ado, let’s discuss that topic below:

Choose The Best-Sized Breed

Choosing the best-sized breed for your needs is a worthwhile use of your time, because a larger dog might be able to jump on you, pull away from you on the leash, and generally cause havoc without you being able to stop them. A smaller dog, perhaps slightly larger than a toy dog, can be ideal here. Little pooches such as Cavalier King Charlies Spaniels are ideal family dogs. Avoid super energetic and quite boisterous dogs like labradors and especially racing dogs like greyhounds, or dogs that need to be exercised constantly such as huskies.

Of course, you don’t have to for the smallest dog possible, but those with kind dispositions can be ideal. For example, golden retrievers are known to be excellent family dogs and can take to training well, meaning that even with mobility issues they can serve as great pets. If the pet is largely considered to be tremendously happy and healthy to have around children, then they should be perfect for you despite your mobility issues.

Waste Removal Services Can Help

It’s also good to consider how waste removal services can help you keep your garden in good condition. For instance, the Scoop Troop Dog Waste Removal Services can help pick up your doggy business and ensure the area is properly attended to, which is useful for those who might not be able to walk around the garden daily but still, obviously, wish to garden-train their little furry friend.

In an emergency, it’s good to use extendable scoopers that can be used to pick up dog business and then safely dispose of it, but if you’ve found it has built up, then a professional, affordable service is a great alternative.

Extendable Handles For Easy Food Delivery

Food and water extendable contains can be used to easily feed and provide water to your dog in their bowls, without having to bend over and harm yourself. Keeping the dog food on a shelf, and ensuring that the dog has a self-filling water mechanism to ensure even when you’re out they can hydrate, you will ensure your dog wants for nothing.

On top of this, these bowls with reachable handles can be picked up easily and washed as necessary to retain hygiene. This can became a convenient element of your morning and afternoon care routine, so your dog gets all the nutrition they need.

Extension Leashes

You may have seen extension leashes that look similar to a tape measure system, but will provide a greater deal of control. They’re ideal for walking dogs, because they can set the give of the leash length easily. This means you can walk with your dog and either let them wander a little, or help them return to your side with an easy control as opposed to having to pull them gently back, or letting them off the leash and then having to bend down to put it on again.

This means that even if you can’t walk that far, enjoying some time in the park with your dog, and perhaps a relative, can be a lovely activity you appreciate. Don’t forget, with the help of trainers, you can even help them become more pliable and take your commands.

With this advice, we hope you can manage your lovely dog in the best way, despite mobility issues.

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