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Toxic Burden and Our Pets

Cats and dogs engage in many behaviors we do not. They clean themselves, using their tongues as washcloths. They eat off the floor. They are petted by guardians whose hands have been busy all day and immersed in who knows what. Their food may come exclusively from cans or plastic lined pouches. They chew on [...]

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Toxic homes: Are our pets becoming polluted?

The danger posed by toxic chemicals in the environment has been a widely recognized and extensively studied public health issue for decades. But only recently have the possible effects of these chemicals on pet health been seriously studied.A new report raises new concerns The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a Washington, D.C.-based not-for-profit research organization, [...]

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Toxic Chemical Found in Dog Beds and Toys

Toxic Chemical Found in Dog Beds and Toys Triclosan Alert         Susan McGrath [...]

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How to avoid toxins in fabrics – and other products

How to avoid toxins in fabrics – and other productsSusan Lanham wrote to us: “I initially signed on to get this blog because I thought you would give practical ways to avoid these carcinogens. However, they are so pervasive, and there doesn’t seem to be any practical way to avoid them, so that reading [...]

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More Information regarding ROUND UP / GLYPHOSATE

U.S. workers sue Monsanto claiming herbicide caused cancerBY CAREY GILLAMMonsanto's Roundup weedkiller atomizers are displayed for sale at a garden shop at Bonneuil-Sur-Marne near Paris, France, June 16, 2015.REUTERS/CHARLES PLATIAU A U.S. farm worker and a horticultural assistant have filed lawsuits claiming Monsanto Co.'s Roundup herbicide caused their cancers and Monsanto intentionally misled the public and [...]

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The Struggle Is RealPosted on March 30, 2015 by CJ Millar At least it is if you are part of my animal family, where the new Sit Stay Forever Draper Bolster Dog bed just became the most coveted seat in the house. It seems my crew has changed the motto from Sit Stay Forever to [...]

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Gyphosate / Round Up --- Important Information / Important Decisions

The majority of our pets spend countless hours living/playing out doors in our yards.  It is our responsibility as their caregivers to be aware of hazardous chemicals used the maintenance of these grassy areas.   Our pets live 6"-12" above the earth and are much more susceptable to being exposed to chemicals on the ground.    [...]

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Plastics In Our Environment

I have found that raising any type of TRUE meaningful social awareness  regarding the need to protect and conserve our earth's natural resources is very very hard, if not impossible    This has been my life's journey from my university studies (Ohio State University, MS & BS Natural Resources) 1988 to present.   Finding a way [...]

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Wainscott Boster Bed Spring colors have arrived!

Here's a sneak peak at our Spring 2015 Wainscott Bolster Bed colors - Corsage, Persian Violet, Tawny, Pink Solitaire and Orchid. These beds will be available for purchase at THE DOG STORE and online by special request.The Dog Store Locations: ★ 170 East 61st Street, New York, NY 10065 (btwn Lexington Ave. and 3rd Ave.)★ Wainscott Village Shopping Center, 354 Montauk Hwy., Wainscott, [...]

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