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Toxic chemicals in children's clothes, explained

A new report by Greenpeace has found toxic chemicals in a wide range of children's clothing. DW sheds light on what the chemicals are, the risks they present and what can be done about the problem. A report released this week by Greenpeace has detected a range of toxic chemicals in children's clothing, made [...]

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Flame Retardant Dangers And Your Dog

Flame Retardant Dangers And Your Dog If your dog is enjoying time with you right now on the couch, there’s a very good chance that you and your dog are being exposed to dangerous chemical flame retardants which have been linked to cancer, reproductive and endocrine system problems and lower IQs in children.Flame retardants are [...]

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Op-Ed | Remove Toxic Chemicals and Fabrics from Fashion’s Supply Chain

Dr Linda Greer, senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, says fashion designers should cut out toxic chemicals and choose their materials carefully. [...]

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Are Your Dog’s Toys Poisoning Him?

According to a presentation by the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry conference, many of the plastic and rubbery toys and fetching batons that our dogs chew on and play with every day, contain dangerous chemicals that may be harmful to their health.Plastic and rubbery dog toys like this chew bone, may contain dangerous levels [...]

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Sit. Stay. Stay Away from Dog Treats from China!

Dogs are smart. They are also trusting. They will eat, therefore, whatever their owners give them, in particular treats (chicken or duck jerky....) though it’s true that some treats are eaten with more gusto than others. Some of these goodies, according to the FDA, have been linked to over 5,600 dogs becoming sick and [...]

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SPOILING a dog or cat with fun toys is one of the joys of pet parenthood. But according to information released by Healthy Stuff, a nonprofit environmental research organization, many pet products are literally spoiling pets to death, shortening animals’ lives by exposing them to killer levels of toxic substances.Using an X-ray fluorescence analyzer, researchers [...]

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Toxic Burden and Our Pets

Cats and dogs engage in many behaviors we do not. They clean themselves, using their tongues as washcloths. They eat off the floor. They are petted by guardians whose hands have been busy all day and immersed in who knows what. Their food may come exclusively from cans or plastic lined pouches. They chew on [...]

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Toxic homes: Are our pets becoming polluted?

The danger posed by toxic chemicals in the environment has been a widely recognized and extensively studied public health issue for decades. But only recently have the possible effects of these chemicals on pet health been seriously studied.A new report raises new concerns The Environmental Working Group (EWG), a Washington, D.C.-based not-for-profit research organization, [...]

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