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How To Boost Intelligence And Happiness In Your Dog

Everyone who has any kind of vested interest in dogs knows that they’re intelligent creatures! Sure, some can be quite dopey and there are plenty that aren’t taught things by their owners. This shouldn’t be the case when you choose to take a pup home, however! As an owner, you’re going to want to make [...]

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6 Ways To Keep Your Dog Happy At Home

Unsplash - CC0 LicenseAre you wondering how to keep your dog happy at home? Check out the following: Take Your Dog OutsideFor the most part, dogs will entertain themselves. The majority are at peace in their own fur and willing to lounge around for hours until something happens. However, eventually, even the most patient of [...]

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How to Help Your Puppy Feel at Home

So, you’ve got a new puppy. Before choosing your puppy, you’ve likely done a lot of research so that you know what breed of dog is right for you and your family. Domestic dogs have a massive variety of needs and personalities, and some need very specific circumstances to thrive.  However, in some respects, puppies have [...]

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Puppies: The First Four Weeks

The ultimate guide to the first month of living with a puppyIf you were lucky enough to have a dog when you were growing up, then you will remember the day the puppy came home. You remember how tiny and cute they looked. Perhaps how naughty they were at first.Your new puppy is going to [...]

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14 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Your Dog

If the hardest part of heading out on vacation is leaving your favorite furry friend behind, maybe it’s time to reconsider your upcoming travel plans and pick a place where you can bring your pup! Considering 94% of dog owners consider their dogs to be part of the family, and a third of them already plan their weekends around [...]

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Zero Waste “Use it up/ Wear it out/ Make it do/ Or do without.”

“Use it up/ Wear it out/ Make it do/ Or do without.” Long [...]

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All You Need to Know About Massaging Your Dog

If you are a dog owner, you know how much they love a good petting and a stroke. This typically includes a pat on the head and a stroke under the chin. While interaction like this is good and encouraged. You can do much more, such as massaging your dog for bonding, health, and happiness.Yet [...]

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Training Your Puppy ByChris

IntroductionTraining a puppy can get difficult, especially if you’ve never done it before. Fortunately for us, dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years, so we have some idea of how their minds work and how we can train them effectively.  Our friends over at Oodle Life sent us this great comprehensive guide on [...]

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Is It Safe For Dog Owners To Keep Chickens?

Keeping chickens is so rewarding because they make great pets and you get lots of nice fresh eggs. But if you are a dog owner, it can be quite tricky. Your dog doesn’t understand that these chickens are part of the family too. They see them as prey that they can eat, and they may [...]

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​ New Season, New Concerns For Your Pet Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy This Spring and Summer

Spring is here! Time to get outside, clean up the yard, plant your garden, organize your garage, and most of all relax and enjoy the warmer weather. Just remember that as you and your pets spend more and more time outside, be aware of the environmental hazards that come with the change of season.CLEANING AND [...]

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