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Aug 21st 2019

New York leads the way towards making Toxin Free toys for our children

Because their bodies are developing, children are the most vulnerable to harmful chemicals. Children are also more likely than adults to use a product in ways the manufacturer never intended. It’s common sense: products meant for children should be safe for children, even when they’re touched, chewed, or broken apart.

Yet we lack strong laws and rules to ensure children’s products are made free of harmful chemicals. We all, as a society, foot the bill when chronic diseases are on the rise, but most acutely affected are the families who now must bear the emotional, financial, and physical burden of wholly preventable environmental illnesses.

Additionally, phasing out harmful and unnecessary chemicals in children’s products will have a lasting effect on both the health of New York’s children as well as the environment. The chemicals found in many children's products have a way of finding their way into the environment, be it through the air, water, or when these products are eventually thrown away and end up in the landfill.

Fortunately, New York State is poised to lead the way. The Child Safe Products Act (S.501-B/A.6296-A), sponsored by Senator Kaminsky and Assemblymember Englebright, creates a framework for protecting children and our environment. By requiring product makers to disclose chemicals of concern and restricting the use of some of the most harmful chemicals, the Child Safe Products Act (CSPA) is a tremendous step forward. Through your support, the initiative passed both houses of the legislature as part of the first joint Earth Day Package coordinated by the Assembly and Senate.

But for the bill to become law, Governor Cuomo must sign it. He needs to hear from you. He needs to know that protecting both children and our environment is a priority to his constituents.

Sierra Club is devoted to protecting public health and the environment by decreasing exposure to hazardous substances through reducing toxic chemicals in consumer products and in educating consumers about the potential risks of hazardous substances such as endocrine disruptors, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, and other persistent toxins that often end up in our air, water, and natural places.

Take Action: Send your message to the Governor and urge him to sign the Child Safe Products Act today!

Thank you for your support. Together, we can turn off the tap on toxic chemicals, and make New York the healthiest state for our families.

Thanks in advance for your efforts,

Caitlin Ferrante

Conservation & Development Program Manager

Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter

Sierra Club
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