Laundry: All items are washed in front loading programmable machines. This allows individual cycles to accommodate specific fabric needs. Horse blankets, saddle pads, synthetic brushing/skid/shipping boots, and other non leather riding accessories, dog beds, sleeping bags, camping gear, outdoor chair cushions - any item you don’t want to haul to the Laundromat. No oily or greasy items, please. Horse blankets with excessive hair in the lining will probably still have some hair accumulation after washing. Items will be machine washed, we do not normally hand or pressure wash. We have the special cleaners needed for synthetics, down/feathers, oiled canvas etc. Please let us know if your animal has any skin condition, your items will be handled separately and an anti-bacterial cleaner will be used.

Water repellent treatment: We have products specific for various fabric types and items to restore water repellent. In some cases waterproof breathable blankets which have been improperly handled may not be waterproofed any longer. A repellent product adds protection to the top layer of fabric, it cannot remedy any existing damage to the waterproof membrane. Blankets must be clean and free of any soap residue for this service. We prefer to wash prior to waterproofing as blankets cleaned elsewhere are often not clean enough or not rinsed free of soap.

Repair: Our shop can fix the simple to the complex. We have tried to indicate repair charge guidelines on the service request form. Items for 'repair only' need to be clean and have a higher minimum charge than items for wash & repair. We try to match fabric color and type as close as possible. We may not be able to repair items which have hair, bedding or foreign material accumulated in the lining.

Custom Fitting: Some horses can be hard to fit correctly and blanket manufacturers all seem to have different patterns. It can be difficult to find the manufacturer that fits your horse. We can modify the fit on many blankets: adding shoulder gussets, adjusting the neck or shoulder hang, adjusting the neck cover to prevent mane rub, moving fittings, lengthening or shortening belly straps, etc. We also fit dog coats, sheep & goat coats. Contact us to discuss the problem.

Unwanted horse blankets:

We gladly accept for donation serviceable blankets. They will be washed and recycled in one of four ways.

1.Renovated to be donated to an organization dedicated to helping horses.

2.Donated to a local animal shelter for dog beds, animal bedding

3.Used to try new products

4.Used to practice sewing techniques

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