What We Do

We design and manufacture 100% USA TOXIN FREE / HYPOALLERGENIC  pet products in an effort to give our families a healthier life.    We begin by looking for raw materials locally from our own back yard. Many of the fabrics we use have come from recycling disposable water bottles. This waste plastic is collected and cleanedstraight-stitch-machine.jpg throughout New England. It is then shipped to various plants throughout the northeast United States where it is spun into fiber and then made into felt, fleece, non-wovens, high lofts and fill for stuffing toys and beds. We have spent countless hours searching for new and innovative fabrics that will make a best fit for use in our products. All of our textiles pass laboratory analysis for chemical safety by the world's largest third party testing organizations.

We know our suppliers. We have spent years driving to the mills and factories where our fabrics and supplies are made. We have gotten to know the faces behind the products we use to make our toys and beds. Their stories are our story. Their success is ours.

Our designs are classic. All cotton seams are finished with an over lock stitch to prevent fraying. YKK zippers and nylon thread are used on ALL our beds and toys. Our Bolster Beds weigh 40-50% more than our nearest competitor. This means 40-50% more Eco-Fill recycled stuffing to support your pet's weight. Our fleece is world renowned, the softest, most durable and wear resistant to be found.

sissors-persim-bow-wow-wow.jpgWe reuse as much of the felt, fleece and poly batting we can, by cutting up salvage materials from pattern cuttings and combining it with our recycled fill to use as toy stuffing. This helps keep it out of our landfills. We use the concepts of Recycle / Reuse / Reduce in every aspect of our doing business.

All of our toys and beds are scanned with a metal detector before shipping to ensure that any pins or needles do not make its way to your home. We use recycled post industrial plastic and paper recyclable mailers.

Local craftsmen hand construct our products and run our shop. We provide a fair wage and a work environment that abides by the guidelines set for social sustainability which contributes to the quality of life in our communities.

We donate and contribute to local animal shelters and other charity organizations.