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Who We Are

Sit. Stay. Forever. is committed in doing everything possible to help work towards preventing feline, canine and equine cancer and other diseases.   The raw materials used to make our all products have been tested for harmful chemicals and certified safe by the world's largest independent third party testing organizations.    We are a young company located in Portland, Maine.  A grand passion of its owner bringing together a lifetime of experiences. Growing up in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State nurtured his foundation in environmental conservation leading to graduate studies with degrees in Natural Resources. Artistic creativity lead an early career in Music paul-quote-century-black-copy-350x150ish.jpgand Design in New York City and the Hamptons. Animals have always been part of his immediate family which has fostered incredible empathy towards their treatment and care. “My most rewarding emotional experience’s have always been with animals and in nature".

Our pets have a much larger intrinsic value in our lives than we sometimes realize. They are sentient beings. They provide love, humor, comfort, structure and stability. They sense our feelings; possessing the ability to magically bestow unconditional love.   Dogs, horses and cats can impart emotional relief on our most stressed out of days. We have the responsibility to make sure that our animal companions have the proper shelter, nutrition, training and exercise.    The FDA strictly regulates the chemical properties of our own fabrics and bedding, we owe our pets the same.   The time we take to nurture our pets is a small cost, when compared to the endless benefits they provide.

Our Mission is Safety, our Promise is Authenticity.   We offer a new standard of safety with our TOXIN FREE / HYPOALLERGENIC beds, carriers, toys and organic grooming products. In the process, we strive to maintain the highest levels of sustainability of our earth's resources possible.    We are making all our products one piece at time in New York.  We use as many USA materials as possible, starting with the cotton grown in the midwest to the eco fill stuffing made from recycled water bottles in up state New York, to the looms of New England that weave  this recycled plastic into the many different textiles used in our product line.


Sit. Stay. Forever. LLC