Posted by Steve Whitney,

Aug 16th 2020

Backyard plants dangerous to our dogs and cats

As summer 2020  rolls along and the worldwide pandemic continues, the back yard has becomes our most frequented vacation destination.    Now is a great time to further educate ourselves and take inventory of plants that are toxic to our dogs and cats. 

Here is a list of the more common plants and flowers that may be dangerous for your pet:

Almond, apricot, cherry, nectarine, peach, and plum trees and shrubs

Aloe Vera


Caster Bean



Corn Plant


Daylily and True Lily


English Ivy


Gloriosa Lily

Golden Pothos


Hyacinth and Tulip (especially the bulbs)




Mother-in-Law Tongue

Mountain Laurel

Narcissus, Daffodil, Paperwhite, and Jonquil


Peace Lily


Poison Ivy

Poison Parsnip

Poison Hemplock


Rhododendron and Azalea

Rosary Pea

Sago Palm


Stinging Nettle

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Plant

Yew Bush

The potentially dangerous items listed above can vary from mildly toxic while others may cause severe illness or even death.  The degree of toxicity depends on different factors, such as the type of animal (cat, dog, or other species), the amount ingested; and the part of plant ingested (bulb, leaf, or flower). You can find more detailed toxicity information for the above items and other dangers for pets on the website of a pet poison control center (see contact information below).

Act Quickly

If you think your pet has eaten something potentially dangerous, call your veterinarian or a pet poison control center right away.

Pet Poison Control Centers

Pet Poison Helpline, 855-764-7661,

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center, 888-426-4435,

Author’s note: Steve Whitney is a degreed environmentalist (MS, BS, OSU, Natural Resources) and a lifelong owner and trainer of horses, dogs and cats. He is also the owner ofSit. Stay. Forever. Safety First Pet Products