Organic Cotton Human Landing Pad

Selected fabric choice is

Perfect for beach lovers, yoga enthusiasts, and anyone who cherishes relaxation alongside their furry friends.  This 67"x 32" cotton linen landing pad is the ultimate accessory for your beach escapades, yoga routines, or snug moments with your pet. Meticulously crafted in Maine, it boasts an organic, toxin-free, and hypoallergenic design, ensuring both comfort and peace of mind. Its lightweight, soft fabric makes traveling a breeze, while the 1" x 18" cotton linen tape cord allows for quick and elegant bed fastening.

Inside, the pad features recycled polyester batting that is both chemically safe and quilted for long-lasting shape retention. Pre-laundered and shrunk for added convenience, maintenance is a cinch with machine wash and low-heat tumble dry. Enjoy quality assurance and effortless care with this versatile companion for your leisure activities.




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