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Why should we buy the best dog crates for Pitbulls?

Our friend Peter Laskay from set us this awesome guide to selecting the best fit dog crate for you Pitbull.  If you are in the market for a crate specifically for a Pittbull there are lots of advantages to consider.  Let's take a look. Own nookIn the old days, before the dogs were domesticated, they lived [...]

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The Best Pet Insurance Companies of 2020

We love our pets. More and more Americans welcome dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and fish into our families — even as the cost of owning a pet increases.Studies have shown that owning a dog can cost $42,000 over 10 years. Cat owners can spend up to $30,000 per decade.A big chunk of this money pays [...]

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Poisonous Plants for Dogs: How to Protect Your Dog from Common Toxic Plants

Rob Evans reached out to us from The Doggypedia to give us a more complete listing of poisonous plants for dogs.  This is a follow up article to our most recent post.    There is lots of important detail in this post so be sure to take notes. There is a surprisingly large number of plants out [...]

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Backyard plants dangerous to our dogs and cats

As summer 2020  rolls along and the worldwide pandemic continues, the back yard has becomes our most frequented vacation destination.    Now is a great time to further educate ourselves and take inventory of plants that are toxic to our dogs and cats. Here is a list of the more common plants and flowers that may [...]

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10 Things You Should Know About the Standard Poodle

Tall, elegant, and, for all appearances, aloof, the standard poodle might be characterized as one of the dog world’s most regal breeds. Leggy and statuesque, standard poodles exude a haughtiness and grace that has won the breed countless awards in the show ring over the years. Yet, as anyone who owns a standard poodle will [...]

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A Pet Owner's Guide to Flowers and Plants

Our good friend Brittany sent us this wonderful guide to understanding the relationship between your pet and the plants that grow around us. We love our pets! The family cat or dog is vital part of our family, and we do everything we can to help ensure that they have what they need. Pet owners [...]

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Protect Your Pet From Pests It doesn’t take a romp in the woods for your dog to pick up fleas and ticks, it’s a perfect storm with these pests everywhere as the weather gets warmer. A natural preventative approach can make all the difference. By Steve WhitneySummer is here and with it comes bugs. Temperatures rise, the [...]

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How To Travel With Pets

Traveling can be complicated, especially if you are a pet owner and are planning to take your pets with you.With a little extra planning ahead of time you and your pet companions can not only travel together, but you can do it easily and safely as well. In fact, starting now will allow you to [...]

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Sit, stay forever: Americans willing to pay top dollar to keep old dogs alive

On a follow-up visit after Sophie Cortellino’s life-saving cardiac procedure, Dr. Anna Gelzer was delighted and family members were relieved to see her responding so well. Sophie agreed, her tail wagging excitedly.Sophie, the boxer, undergoes a checkup after a cardiac ablation surgery at the School of Veterinary Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. March 6, 2020. [...]

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New York state tick research budget needs your support

New Yorker's please check this out!   New York state lost over 1 M in tick research in 2018, we cant let that happen again this year. Please give a read and STAND for including tick research in this coming years budget!  Stop TicksTicks are making people sick at alarming rates in ever-expanding geographic areas. For anyone [...]

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