NEEM; The Miracle Oil for Your Pets


To protect your dog, apply Sit. Stay. Forever's Neem Tick & Flea spray on top of their heads, behind their ears, shoulders, flanks, and on their tails.  Message well  into skin.  . During mosquito season,  do this every two to three days. You can also give your dogs one capsule each of a Neem supplement, mixed with their food twice weekly, to arm them from the inside out. 

Neem boasts a host of other health benefits, including magically healing sunburn and any other kinds of burns.  A bottle of our Tick and Flea spray is a must for ANY DOG FIRST AID KIT. A quick topical application of our neem oil to the affected area soothes and heals the burn amazingly fast. If your dog burns himself  from the sun, spray your dog with a liberal amount of  Sit. Stay. Forever.'s Tick and Flea spray and bath your pet with Sit. Stay. Forever's Vegan Organic Dog Soap, or any gentle, organic toxin free shampoo, and rinse in cool water.

Any dog experiencing excessive shedding, itchy skin, or allergies can also benefit enormously from regular baths with our  Vegan Organic Soap / Bar Shampoo, which is gentle enough to use every day.   Most dog's dry, flaky, madly shedding coat's will improve dramatically after a few applications of Neem products.

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