Welcome to Sit Stay Forever - Safety First Pet Products, where the bond between pets and their owners is celebrated with a commitment to safety, sustainability, and the joy that animals bring to our lives. Nestled in southern coastal Maine,  our young company is fueled  by a Grand passion from a lifetime of diverse experiences. 

Founded by an individual whose roots in environmental conservation were nurtured in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, our owner embarked on a journey that seamlessly blended a deep appreciation for nature with artistic creativity. After earning degrees in Natural Resources through undergraduate and graduate studies, a stint in New York City unfolded, where a dynamic career in Music and Design took shape. 

Throughout this journey, a constant presence was the companionship of animals, firmly establishing an empathetic connection towards their well-being. The founder reflects, "Some of the most rewarding emotional experiences I have ever had have been with animals," encapsulating the heartfelt motivation behind initiating this venture. 

At Sit Stay Forever, we recognize the profound emotional value our pets bring to our lives — love, humor, comfort, structure, and stability. They become silent narrators of our stories and intuitively respond to our emotions, offering unconditional love and solace, even on the most demanding days. We believe in the responsibility we hold to provide them with proper shelter, nutrition, training, and exercise, considering the minimal effort it takes compared to the abundant benefits they shower upon us. 

Our mission is clear: to offer the safest toys and beds available in today's market, all while contributing significantly to the sustainability of the Earth's resources. At Sit. Stay. Forever, we invite you to join us in creating a world where our pets thrive in safety and comfort, and our planet flourishes through responsible choices