Sunscreen For Your Pet

  • THE BEST -TOXIN FREE ORGANIC protection from the sun on the market without hazardous zinc & titanium dioxides, benzones, octislate, octylenes, homosalate and octinoxtes which are all harmful to humans, dogs, cats and horses.
  • The FDA does not test / rate pet sun screen with specific SPF ratings. We use finest oils that provide the highest in SPF protection. Coconut Oil (SPF 4-6), Olive Oil (SPF 2-8), Shea Butter (SPF 3-6), Red Raspberry Oil (SPF 28-50), Carrot Seed Oil (SPF 38-40), Hemp Seed Oil (SPF 6) and Lemongrass (SPF 6.5). Our oils also provide some of the highest skin moisturizing and restorative properties found on earth.
  • Daily and liberal application is suggested in safeguarding your pet from the stress of the sun.

Fair skinned, short and medium haired dogs, cats and horses definitely need to be aware of over exposure to the sun. Our sun screen is 100% Organic. We use a light bee's wax base with coconut, olive, red raspberry, carrot seed and hemp oils, shea butter and lemongrass essential oil. We use NO harmful chemicals. NO TITANIUM DIOXIDE, NO ZINC OXIDE or Benzophenone, and Oxybenzone. Use it particularly on their nose, ears, tops of paws and on their bellies. Everyone's skin have varying degrees of susceptibility to UVA AND UVB rays, it is recommended that this product be tested in small time increments of sun exposure to gauge protection results.

2 oz. tin. Safe for dogs, cats, horses and humans

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