The Struggle is Real

At least it is if you are part of my animal family, where the new SIT STAY FOREVER DRAPER BOLSTER DOG BED just became the most coveted seat in the house. It seems my crew has changed the motto from Sit Stay Forever to Sit Stay WAR! Everyone wants to be in this bed, and with a rather plentiful crew of cats and dogs on the farm, they just don’t want to share.

The bed was originally ordered for my 8 year old husky mix who is larger and can get a little creaky with age and the weather (it’s been a horrible winter and spring….well I don’t know where spring is). However, the cats – especially bossy Caspian – and the other dog, all seem to want to take a turn in the bed, leaving poor Loki to lie on the floor!


Barely out of the box other than for Loki to get a few white hairs and muddy paw prints on it, and Caspian takes over for round 1.


Caspian practices morphing into the size of the bed, while demonstrating how hard life is around here…


Loki finally gets to try out his new bed (he loves to curl up and pretend he’s a smaller dog)


Caspian glares at us while sitting on Loki’s former bed, complete with Draper throw blanket over it…but that’s not good enough! Loki wins round 2.


Victory in round 3 goes to The Cat! Caspian FTW


Jack takes the dog bed for a spin and wins round 4.


Loki wins round 5, while Caspian is resigned to admitting the old dog bed and Draper blanket isn’t that bad after all.


Meanwhile, in other areas of the house, kitties are forced to cram in to laundry baskets together, sitting on regular non-therapeutic clothes clean out of the laundry. Poor Sam and Aslan!


“But mom! He stole my bed again!” – Loki


Caspian wins round 6. Loki concedes defeat.

Final score: Caspian – 3, Loki – 2, Jack – 1. And so, the struggle for the new DRAPER THERAPIES SIT STAY FOREVER DOG BED continues…

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