Tips for Moving Home While Keeping Your Dog Happy


Moving home can be a stressful time for anyone, but it can be especially tough on our furry friends. If you're planning a move with your dog, it's important to take extra care to ensure they're happy and comfortable during the process. Luckily, there are many tips and tricks you can use to make moving home with your dog as stress-free as possible. From preparing your dog for the move to settling them into their new home, the SAFETY EXPERTS AT SIT. STAY. FOREVER have compiled a range of useful tips to help you keep your pup calm, comfortable and happy throughout your big move.

Buying The Right Home

Buying the right home for you and your pet might entail weighing up the pros and cons of going for a house versus an apartment.

●If you are keen on going for a BIGGER, MORE SPACIOUS PROPERTY, you may be pleased to hear that the housing market will likely SETTLE DOWN THIS YEAR.

●You might want to note DOWN A DECENT BACKYARD as part of your wishlist so that your pet can stretch his legs at home.

LOOK OUT FOR A PET-FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD when narrowing down your selection, as this should make it easier for your pet to adjust.

Planning For Moving Day

Planning for moving day might be the most trying in terms of trying to get your pet to understand what is happening around him.

●If your pet is the anxious type, keeping them away from the flurry of activity in the moving process might help to put them more at ease. Look into a soft carrier from SIT. STAY. FOREVER and get them used to it in the weeks before the move, so it becomes a safe and cozy spot during the chaos of the move.

SET UP HIS SPACE immediately upon arrival so he has a place to retreat to that he feels comfortable in.

●You might even think of boosting his immunity during this stressful time to prevent illnesses. Chopped-up carrots are an excellent supplement to add to your DOG'S MEALS TO IMPROVE THEIR IMMUNITY.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Keeping your emotions in check is important to do, as your pet is likely to pick up on any anxiety you may be experiencing.

●If you are anxious about getting your business set up in your new city or state, consider using a formation service. They will handle all of the details and paperwork involved in restructuring or FORMING YOUR BUSINESS AS AN LLC.

●Arrange for SOMEONE TO BE THERE WITH HIM if you can't keep him company all the time.

INVEST IN QUALITY PET INSURANCE to ensure your fur child is happy and healthy no matter where you live.

●Last but not least, try to spend as much QUALITY TIME WITH HIM as you can in the beginning; GIVING HIM YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION is sure to pull him out of any anxiety he is experiencing.

Take Steps For A Stress-Free Transition

Moving to a new home can be a daunting task, especially if you have a furry friend tagging along. Dogs are sensitive creatures and can easily get overwhelmed during a move. As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to minimize stress and anxiety when relocating. Luckily, with proper planning and some tips, you can make your move a happy experience for both you and your beloved four-legged family member. 


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